Monday, July 31, 2006

Phiawz Calendar Series 2007 (1)

I like colourful calendar that usually can be hung on the wall and flipped over month by month. However, those that are really beautiful ones are hard to find, or if found are expensive. Hence after much brainstorming, I came up with a personalised calendar filled with photographic masterpieces by me. Besides, they come with inspirational wordings too (by me also).. haha perhaps I can sell them someday.

Presenting the Phiawz Calendar 2007:


The ship set sail
For another brand new year
As long your pace is no snail
March along without fear!


Love is on the streets
Amongst the green green leaves
In the park lovers will meet
Sealing the day with a kiss.


Melbourne beckons
It's sad parting from home
But friends here are like shining beacons
You'll feel you never left home!


There's no bridge to far
No hurdles impossible to cross
The light shines from afar
Once followed will never get lost.


Hues of yellow dominate the eyes
As favorite Autumn arrives
Confetti fall from the sky
Celebrating my birthday in style.


Its time to pick grains from husks
Heads down buried in books
Joy is only a mere mask
As worry and stress paints evey look.

Well, look up for Part two.. that's all I can come up with in half an hour. Anyway to all: have a nice week ahead!

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youngyew said...

Very nice pictures!! :)