Friday, May 26, 2006

The team that will win World Cup 2006

The football hype is back again! Yes, after 4 agonizing years of waiting, the world's greatest showcase of football is here again. It's time to watch some ball!

As usual, I will like to make my usual prediction of who will win the world cup. 4 years ago, I thought Brazil will win and hey pesto! They won! So my prediction is pretty acurate and if you wanna do any betting, heed my advice!

The team that will win World Cup Germany 2006:


I know you are expecting me to name Brazil, Argentina or even England, but before you pull one of your incredulous look with a gaping hole for a mouth and starting to go Aus-what? let me introduce this team to you first and tell you why the team will win the World Cup.

Australian Matriculation 15 Intec Chinese Hunks FC or in the World Cup known as Australia for short (not THE Australia we know) was formed 3 years ago in INTEC. It consists of only the most handsome guys with football talents and skills you never seen before. Now you must be wondering why you never heard of any of these great hunks before? Coz they have to keep a low profile in order to shock the rest of the football world in the showpiece compertition. Heck, they even have the Australian team we know covering them all these while. Those facing Australia in the World Cup will be in for a great surprise. Ooh.. couldn't wait to see Ronadinho's face on June 19.

Match Prediction
First Round

vs Japan ( June 12) win 13-0
vs Brazil (June 19) win 3-0
vs Croatia (June 23) win 6-1
Second Round
vs Ghana (June 28) win 4-1
vs Spain (July 2) win 2-0
vs England (July 6) win 3-2
vs Argentina (July 10) win 2-1

And here is a glimpe of the Star Player of the AUSMAT team that will set the world alight in Germany:

B.Phiaw? Who's that? Is he better than Ronaldinho? See the number 13 in action starting June 12 and you will get the answer. Here's a picture of him in action:

Not much is known about him, but I've heard he is helluva player. Don't be deceived by his short Rooney-like stature. See how composed and well-aligned his incredible body is while kicking the ball? Notice how nobody dares to go near him when he kicks the ball? That will tell you something...

Well, I wish I could tell you more, but if I do so, then the appearance of the team in the World Cup wouldn't be such a surprise. Since you are all loyal readers of my blog, I let this big secret out so that you can earn big money by betting Australia to win! Remember don't tell your friends about this secret team when they ask you:
"are you so crazy to bet $5000 that Australia will win the World Cup?
Coz you know you aren't crazy and you are definitely laugh all the way to the bank later.

Birthday Dedication:

Today one of my frenz is turning 18. She is this cute gal (pic) who now is in Japan and sports a mushroom head. If you happen to see her on the street, remember to give her some hugs and kisses coz its legal to do so now. =P Happy birthday kimmie-chan!


brilliant_owl said...

har??!!what??!! aiya, this fat guy really tak tau malu, super thick skin... well, short-rooney like stature, mm...maybe correct lar, but then, ai...he always dribble so 'gracefully' that he always lose the ball...haha!in short, this sohai who spend one hour promoting the watever ausmat FC is really.... (ineffable...)

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誕生日 に おめでとう ございます!
tanjoubi ni omedetou gozaimasu!
"Birth Day Congratulations!"

Happy belated 21st Birthday!!!

wah.. 21st boh... Full freedom.
Have you obtained your key to freedom from your parents, mah? Eh?? Adi obtained long long ago since you left for Aust leh...

On your 21th birthday... I wish that you'll have a BrIghT, BeAuTiFuL, ChaRMInG, PrOSpeRouS, SwEeT, RaViShiNG, DauNtLeSs!, AwESoMe, HaNdSomE and, Of CoZ, SuCceEssFuLL FuTurE!!!!



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