Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Iron Chef ala College Square Episode 1

I'm sure most of you had watched the Japanese series Iron Chef, where each week a challenger will challenge one of the four culinary masters in Japan and try to beat them to earn "...the people's ovation and fame forever." If you haven't, Wikipedia gave a good description here.

As the original Iron Chef stopped production in 1999, I seek to revive the series and after a few hours hard work, I'm proud to present Iron Chef ala College Square Episode 1!

Today in Iron Chef ala College Square, an esteemed challenger representing Italy came to challenge The Iron Chef Malaysian of College Square: Phiawiz Cutisan.

Iron Chef Malaysian Phawiz Cutisan starts folicking in the kitchen since he was five years old. He started working as a rice cooker before being promoted to egg frier and instant noddle stirrer two months later. He subsequently enjoys a rapid ascent to vegetable cook and meat cook and later head cook of his family. He now works as head chef of the Michelin 3 stars rated 2109 cafe in College square, where he also coach two protege to be the next iron chefs.

The Challenger today in Hasaih Oncerati, an impressive cook of high calibre, famed for his skill in cooking "very delicious food". His speciality is half-packet Bak Kut Teh and his unique chicken drumstick chopping technique. Due to his aversion towards fame, he declined to be shown in this post.

The theme today is Overnight Rice (hint: that is juz rite for cooking fried rice)

So after a few seconds pondering what to do with the theme ingredient, both the challenger and Iron Chef set to work, bearing in mind the one hour limit. Here are some pics of them in action:

The Iron Chef Malaysian engrossed in cooking a storm!

The ever secretive Hasaih showing off his cutting skills.

And after one hour of hard work we see what they manage to come up with:

The scrumptious Nasi Goreng kampung Malaysia ala Cina by the Iron Chef Malaysian. Filled full to the brim with authentic lap cheong, dried shrimps, spinach leaves, minced meat and capsicum, topped with a generous amount of fried anchovies, a mouthful is reputed enough to make you feel that you are already back home in Malaysia, enjoying the dish at a mamak stall there instead of eating the overpriced stuffs in Melbourne..

Nasi goreng lobak dan ham by the challenger. A surprisingly simple yet elegant fried rice that is unique and not found in any restaurant all over the world, the challenger is surely banking on the surprise element here to umm, surprise the esteemed Iron Chef.

And now its judging time. The judges today are: Celebrity Romance Fiction Writer Jooninho Shinchan, Food Industry Lovers Association (FILA) representative Lami Kongnisan and 'Watching 30 episodes Cantonese Series without stopping' World Record Holder Owl Loonitori.

So after sampling the food offered by both challengers and after much delibration here's the verdict... the winner of Overnight Rice winner is....

"DRUM ROLL"................................

Iron Chef Malaysian Phiawiz Cutisan! Congratulations to the Iron Chef!

No surprise there... despite the gallant efforts of the challenger, the Iron Chef reigned again! Watch out this space for further challenges. If you are interested to challenge the iron chef, pls put you details in the comments box down here. Hope you enjoy our maiden episode today. Thank you for your time!

Disclaimer: The only reason this post is up is to humour the audience. There is no malicious intent and the whole episode shown is fictionious and the actors are there just to create an air of authencity. Hope you enjoy the post!


Casper said...


u sure look like a prostitude in the first pic... :p

youngyew said...

Haha ah Phiaw, how long did you take to write this? :P It was funny!

klsz said...

O.o""""""""""""" aaaiiiiiidiiiiiiiii... really no comment.... what has australia done to the old Phiaw???????????????

Anonymous said...

HamKa (Chan???) gui..i agree with casper...u look like the lorong satu one in the first picture. However, I strongly agree with Yang that this is a funny blog! Unfortunately, I would like to beat you this hamka Malaysian Iron Chef??!! I haven't entitled myself to be the one, but you alr so perasan! :p muahahhah....