Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Melbourne Wonder: Brighton

In contrast to Footscray which I had written in a previous post, Brighton is a totally different place.

It's famous for its beach, which is a marvellous sight, as well as a row of little colourful picturesque beach houses which dotted the beach (refer pic, the very small colourful row in the middle).

Obviously, it's also a place for the rich guys too, full of castle-like houses or mansion such as this:

One of the houses even have the audacity to name itself after the presidental dwelling of the mightest country in the world: USA

There are some rather funny street signs too, which I found one to be rather misplaced:

Instead I felt that the school should be located in this street:

The relocation in my opinion will greatly enhance the preformance of the students academically, since they will be getting rid of the 'distraction'..

Overall, Brighton is a nice, high classy type of place with a very European or British feel. It's close to the beach full of scantily clad girls too.. wouldn't mind relocating there after I had made lots of money..

And speaking of money, I just received my first ever salary: a cheque worth $1000. I'm feeling rich and rather generous right now.. (hint hint..)

To sign off, I would like to record a birthday dedication to four of my pals: Yang Yaw, Herng Yee, Ru Hui and Alvin. I don't know whether they read my blog or not, but Happy Birthday all the same! Best wishes for reaching the magical 21!

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