Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little wonders of Melbourne: Footscray

This post is supposed to be up by last weekend, but due to the stupid-ness and lame-ness of the Internet connection at my home, I had to postpone this and do it here right now in the uni.

I'm now currently working on a project on pharmacy advertisements. Basically, my job is simple: go and look at pharmacies around Melbourne. So in the last few days, been to places around Melbourne that I had never stepped foot on.

One of the suburb that I found unique was Footscray.

Footscray has the moniker of Little Vietnam in Melbourne, and the place is really teeming with Vietnamese and I suppose should feel like Vietnam. There's a shopping centre called Little Saigon and all the stores along the street have Vietnamese signage beside English. In fact, you will never know you are in Australia here until you saw the travel agencies: coz all they advertise is cheap flights and special discounts to Vietnam.

At first sight, the Veitnamese all look like Chinese. Their food looks like Chinese food, and even their shopping centres bear a remarkable resemblance to stores in Kuching, especially the stores in Batu Kawah New Township.

Cheap, all-in-one jack-of-all-trades shops

This is the first time I saw this in Melbourne and it caught me by surprise. In fact, I always thought that sugar cane juice is only available in Malaysia!

Melbourne is indeed a truly diverse city. Every suburb has its own uniqueness and taste that gives you the impression that you had travel to different parts of the world by just hopping on the train. Amazing.

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