Friday, December 15, 2006

Revenge of the Fats

This will be my last post before I return to Malaysia for a holiday.

For the slightly pudgy or heavy set guys or gals out there, had you ever felt jealous for those who seems to be able to eat a lot without gaining fat? Well, I did. It was like, damn, I eat lotz of veggies, less fatty foods, exercise everyday and is still slightly over, especially once I slacked off I little bit, and these uber-thin guys can eat all the junk food they can consume and still be thin.

But now I can be grateful: at least my body is able to send me warning signs so that I think twice before hitting the chips, not like those once-I-felt-jealous-for guys. Scientists found out that many people slim on the outside are actually storing up dangerous layer of internal fats, and their health are more at risk compared to those who looked fat. Whats more, those slim people carry the large fat deposits around their vital organ, meaning higher risks of stroke and aneurysm etc - a potential double whammy.

So slim people, before you laugh and scoff at those salad eating, threadmill puffing guys, think again. You might regret it. They may will be laughing beside your sickbed in a few years time.


Anonymous said...

Wah Ah Phiaw, why are you cursing me to the sickbed? :P haha...

Anonymous said...

Phiaw: Gambate!

CY: Perasan!