Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Childhood love revisited

On Sunday the doctor wannabe OWL surprisingly brought a LEGO robot.

Not to be outdone, the pharmacist wannabe yours truly counter-act and brought a LEGO robot of his own on Monday.

And his robot has to be bigger and better to do this:

Hey little guy, take this! Wham!

Sounds lame..

I never thought I will buy another LEGO set. Even though I am LEGO mad during my childhood years, I am now too old for that. Even the boxes the LEGO came with stated that it is for 7-14 years old. But I justified my action by believing that there is a typo on the box. The "-" between the number should be "+". Then it reads 7+14 years old = 21 years old! Clever rite?

Well, OWL have plans to get more to counter my bigger-than-his robot. Guess the number of robots will perpetuate.. but my point is, whether you are a doctor wannabe or pharmacist wannabe or whatever wannabe, there is always a child in you... so why not let you child come out and play?


Anonymous said...

and a more complex lego la... That one too simple d... :p

Phiaw said...

no money la. its expensive. u buy for me? its cheaper there rite? =P