Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can't resist

Can't resist just to take a moment to write this post even though I got a ton of assignments waiting for me to finish.


This is the just published Monash University Undergraduate Course Guide 2009.

Turn to page 126 and...


Yes, that's me! ^^


Now every prospective Monash students worldwide will be able to see my smiling face. Luckily the photo is circa end 2006. I looked younger then.

See what I had written in my profile one and a half years ago:

Beginning paragraph: "I chose to study pharmacy because it has great potential for growth in my home country Malaysia."

End paragraph: "Studying at the Victorian College of Pharmacy has vastly enriched my experience, which I intend to bring back home to Malaysia after finishing my degree."

JPA would love me so much!

Anyone wants an autographed copy?

Now back to assignments.. =.=

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