Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pink is the new In


Pink is the inspirational colour today, and I felt myself falling in love with this cool, extremely funky colour. After receiving a cute pink Tupperware sandwich container and medal today, I go even further and brought a pink wristband and pink shoelaces. You bet I will wear them to Uni. Proudly.


I usually celebrated Mothers' Day at home, where we either go out to grandma's place for a reunion type potluck dinner or maybe cook a meal for mum. But since I am overseas, I found out another meaningful way to celebrate, that is by joining in the Mothers Day Classic run.


Mothers Day Classic is a charity run to fund Breast Cancer research. It was held in all Australian main cities, with 60,000 odd people taking part in 4km and 8 km runs or 4km walk. It was the second year I joined in under the Team Monash banner, which is pretty cool this year because it's Monash's 50th year birthday and they have a new sports shirt- as modelled by my running mate Kush below.


For the record, I finished the race in 48mins (equal to 10km/hr) and in 8637 steps.

There's also this whiteboard in front of the Hallmark marquee, where you can write your dedications to Mum and stick it up for all people to see. Freda and Hui Bing wrote their part...


And so did I. Happy Mothers' Day!


Pretty right? and no, I didn't stick it over another person's card. In a burst of inspiration, I did a double layered card. One and only. =)

On a side note, hopefully in the near future, there will be a Fathers Day Classic to fund prostate cancer research. We are in the era of gender equality rite? I did my part by liking the colour pink!

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