Monday, May 19, 2008

A rainy Saturday story

The last few days had been cold, but on Saturday, it rained without any signs of stopping.


After a very healthy breakfast of Avacado Salad (avacado + rockets + baby spinach + tomatoes + mushrooms + peanuts + red onions + lemon juice and a dash of salt), I went to Fed Square for the Buddha's Day Celebration.


They had this yearly event in Melbourne where people can go to pay homage and bathe the Buddha. Since it was held in a public place, the event attract a fair share of tourists and Ang Mohs.

Besides that they had a cultural show, some cooking demonstrations and a food and fun fair. It was a great day to have fun, despite the cold and rainy weather. Besides, an umbrella is a great prop, as demonstrated below:



Me and Robin trying to do the best Song Hae Gyo impersonation.


I wore my new pink shoelaces out for the first time, and I felt that it looks great especially on my white shoes and some fallen autumn foliage.


On the way home, I saw this ad being posted on the window of a house. Sure is one of the best I had ever seen:


Wonder whether they will get such a hot flatmate in the real world.

At night had a gathering with some JPA friends and OWL's parents who are in Melbourne. Had a nice time catching up while enjoying dumplings, Nasi Lemak, fried beehoon and an extremely nice coffee liqueur. Too bad nobody remembered to take photos. A warm day despite the cold weather.


h.w said...

HihI phiaw phiaw~!!Happy Vesak Day!!:)

jooshin said...

hey if u look closely on a sign on the door of that house it says sth along the lines of "this house is not for prostitutes so do not enquire within". it's real