Thursday, January 08, 2009

Last night in Melbourne

The very last night I spent in Melbourne saw a group of us descend upon the SteakHouse in Docklands.

It was a sumptuous 3 course dinner, to fittingly send us off to the journey back home on a full stomach.

The service was astonishingly slow, but luckily it was well suited to the occasion as it meant we had the time in the world to catch up and say goodbyes.

We reached there 7-ish, and when food didn't turn up around 8.30ish, we got some hot bread with olive oil to fill our grumbling stomach.

For the appetizer I ordered oysters, a delicacy that is hard to come by in Kuching. Sis ordered some mussels, with turned out to be very big.

Perhaps there's a reason for the snail paced service - to ensure that by the time the mains were served we have enough stomach space to fill in the humongous feed.

That was me with my 500g T-bone medium done steak served on potato gratin and mashed potato.

And then there were dessert. I had the warm pudding whereas sis had the banana creme brulee. The serving was again, huge. By this time, most of us don't have enough free space to store them.

The night ended around 11pm where like typical Asians, we had a photo session.

The whole meal cost only $50 per person, which was very cheap considering the quality and amount of food they serve us. Too bad I wouldn't have time to go there a second time.

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Galahad said...

ah phiaw's favourite steakhouse, im not sure how can they survive without loyal band of fans such as yourselves. it's true in every sense that u prob wont get to go there for a second time