Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I'm now back in the hot and humid place called Malaysia. Even the fan at max speed felt like an ancient cow powered carriage. Drank at least six cups of H2O alredy this morning. Whole body felt like leathered with a coat of sweat.

Touched down at 0015 a.m from a plane with seat coverings so colourful it reminds me on a kindergarten playground. Or the gelati place Trampoline in good old Melbourne.

Had my first Kolo Mee after 2 years at 1.00am while reading the latest magazine of my secondary school. All the students were foreign but a lot of teachers still the same. Maybe will visit it someday.

The sink looked so small. The kitchen top felt so low. There's a feeling of Gulliver travelling to the little world of Lilliput.

Thefact that I am home for good haven't sink in, nor the time difference. Slept at 2ish. Woke up at 7a.m. Out to the wet market with Dad, buying some soya bean drink and freid "you tiau". Out again for breakfast at 9.30a.m. The ice lemon tea felt so cheap. RM1.60 versus AUD$3 in Melbourne. But the portion of "Kueh Chap" felt so small. guess need some readjustment. Forgot how huge the food portion really is in Mlebounre.

I guess now begins the period of reorientation.


Galahad said...

no way, melbourne food is small, only the dish is big lol what are you talking about! :P the home feels foreign? welcome to the club! hahaha

Anonymous said...

well.. so fast you are home already. I agreed with the portion thing, but you sure will get used to it coz i dont think u will order 2 at a time right? MC

Jessica said...

Hi Boon,

So your home! You should be a pro at Orientation now so I’m sure you will settle into the swing of things in no time.

Thanks for your card and gift, I have to say that it's people like you that make my job one of the best in the world!

Good luck settling in and I'll follow your reorientation!