Sunday, August 09, 2009


The sun glances down and embraces us in a glow of brilliant red nowadays, shrouded occasionally by thick fogs of pungent oppressive smog. The heat is overbearing, the rain scarce. The haze is back.

Masked personnel hustled around the wards, speaking in muffled tones and with bleary eyes. Deaths are aplenty, Tamiflu prescribed in bulk. H1N1 clamoured for attention, spiralling out of control.

Kuching doesn’t seem to be a good place to live for the time being. But life goes on.

Busy is the tone of the month, with the pursuit of obscure information the mainstay of my job. Drug Info Services at your service, for every clueless caller I proffer my genuine help. Internet, books, leaflets I pore over, in search of  solutions to their woes.

12 August on stage I will stand, a discourse on HRT I will present. Preparations had been long and winded, good luck now I hope. Research on diabetes now lead-footed in progress, more oil needs to be added to it.

It will yet be another hectic week ahead. And I will be on lunch duty =(.

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