Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little of this and that

I did my first ever Continuous Professional Development (CPD) presentation in hospital with my group mates last Wednesday, presenting on the topic Hormone Replacement Therapy. We chose the topic because it was an area that we are a bit hazy about ourselves!


My group mates and me before presentation.

Presentation wise, it went without a hitch (except the fact that the projector colour was faulty). I don’t feel nervous at all, just a bit irritated how I always realised my grammatical mistakes only  after the words had already leapt out of my mouth. Something to improve on.

So anyway a little about the topic. Hormone Replacement Therapy are medications used in menopausal woman to alleviate symptoms associated with a decrease in estrogen level, such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness. The take home note is that these medications should only be used for a short period of time (3-5 years) and not more than that as it will increase the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular complications.

Picture 032

I took this pic in the of the drugs for HRT

I spent an insane amount of time preparing the slides and going through the net to find interesting tit-bits that can be used to enhance my presentation. I think I am crazy nowadays because I loved presentation. Getting more and more of a attention whore.


This was one of my slides…

2 weeks spent in Drug Info was indeed very carefree and fun. It was nice and lucky being cloistered and comfy in the office while most of the pharmacists were constantly exposed to potential H1N1 carriers. Starting from tomorrow I will be going into the clean room to commence my two weeks stint doing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Heard it is a stint that will make you hate bubbles. Oh well, I will report about it later.

And now I would like to use this space to wish a very happy birthday to a dear friend of mine who is currently far away in Melbourne. We met in a badminton game and played a game of chess without knowing each other while in 2nd year of Uni. After that we became good friends and played basketball, badminton, eat out and even went to Adelaide and far-away excursions together. He is a good guy, thoughtful and considerate (too bad already not available) and I wish him all the best in his endeavours. He will be a top-notch pharmacist in the future. Happy Birthday WP. Hope you had a great day there! =)


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