Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seoul Trip (2)

Day 2. 17 May (Thursday)

We started our second day at Seoul with a visit to another palace, this time being the main palace Changdegeung. It was a picturesque place with beautifully landscaped gardens. we also witnessed the ceremonial changing of the palace guards, which are similar to the famous British one in Buckingham Palace.


This is the postcard perfect photo of the banquet hall with a mountain as background.


The changing of the guards ceremony conducted in the courtyard of the palace.


A beautiful scenery as seen through an arched doorway. 


A garden where the queen and concubines strolled and spent their time in tranquillity.


Beautiful urns for storing and fermenting sauces in the kitchen area. 


The afternoon was spent shopping at the Nandamun precinct. There are lots of trendy Korean fashion items but a lot of bargaining is needed to get a good price. Korean traders, especially the young ones, we discovered, are not very honest, bringing back memories of Petaling Street.

In the evening we took a leisurely stroll along the glorified ‘big drain’ of Seoul. It was amazing seeing them transforming what used to be a dirty drain into a beautiful place where white collar workers relaxed with ice lattes in hand and couples frolicked after a tough day at work.


The place was also mesmerising at night, with light and water features keeping  people entertained.


And that was how Day 2 of our trip to Seoul transpired.

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