Friday, May 18, 2012

Seoul Trip (3)

Day 3. 18 May (Friday)

On our third day in Korea we took the tube for a 1 hour ride to the city of Suwon, on a mission to conquer the  HwaSeong Fortress.


First impression, the long winding stairs with no end in sight suggested that the fortress might have the last laugh and conquered us in the end.


This is the view from nearly the top of the fortress, with the sprawling city of Suwon below. The miniscule size of the buildings should had been a good indication on how high we had climbed.


Wondered how they moved this 1200 ton bell to the top of the mountain fortress.


After spending a whole day ‘hiking’ in Suwon, we went back to our apartment for a rest before embarking on the other event of the day: a cable car trip to N-Seoul tower.



N-Seoul tower is the home to a famous and oft-visited attraction in Korea: the teddy bear museum.


The teddy bear museum was indeed a highlight, as it narrate the history of Korea via a series of cute and animated teddy bears scenes.


They even have flashy Korean K-pop on show.


Simply beautiful.

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