Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seoul Trip (4)

Day 4. 19 May (Saturday)

After you had seen this post I wouldn’t blame you if you have us pegged as Korean history lovers because we visited yet another destination of Korean past: a cultural park -


filled with traditional Korean hanok houses (again!).


But it was a nice place where you can indulge in traditional Korean games, writings and music,

IMG_6020 IMG_6022

and also bear witness to a real Korean wedding!


Next stop was the famous Ewha Women’s University which was also seeped in tradition. But this time it was European influence not Korean. The pictures below are of the Pharmaceutical Department and the statue of Korea’s first female doctor.

IMG_6060 IMG_6059

The place also had some modern fittings however, as seen by this interesting, huge structure. And on weekends, the university had the feel of being a tourist attraction rather than an institution of higher learning.


What’s nice was that right next to the university was a very vibrant shopping mecca. How I wish I was a student there. But then it is a girl’s school. Hmm… perhaps being a lecturer then =).

 IMG_6065 IMG_6066

IMG_6070 IMG_6067

Night time, we went back to Myengdong to continue our shopping spree.. more on Myengdong later. That concludes another eventful day in Korea!

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