Tuesday, September 26, 2006

English Tea

On the way home from the tulip festival last Saturday, we stopped by a quaint English teahouse to have authentic English afternoon tea in the small shire of Sassafras, Melbourne.

The teahouse is named after the famous grandmother-age sleuth made famous in Agatha Christie novels: Miss Marple.

Miss Marple Teahouse

Obviously, the teahouse is very famous, as we had to wait for nearly an hour for tea. By the time we were sitted, it is nearly dinner time.

The interior of the teahouse is distinctively old traditional English, just like in the classical English novels I used to read. Around the teahouse are shelves laced with tea-pots of different shapes and sizes, old English black and white photographs, timber ceiling, wooden panelled walls, and flowery tableclothes. The atmosphere feels like 18th or 19th century British too, with the afternoon sunlight bathing the place with cosy heat and radiance.

The cosy interior of Miss Marple teahouse

We had traditional English scones for tea. This is my first ever taste of 'hot scones just out of the oven' which can always be found in Enid Blyton's storybook. The real life scones however are not what I anticipated or expected it to be like. In my imagination, it should taste more waffle pancakes but instead, it taste like half-baked cakes with a grainy texture. Nonetheless, it is a pleasant experience and the homemade jam and cream accompanying the scones are simply delicious.

Hot scones with strawberry jam and fresh cream

Of course we have some traditional Devonshire tea to go with the scones.. and to top it all off, we ordered a sundae that is at least 30cm tall. Yummy! Definitely an experience to remember. (Not to mention the exorbitant prices too! A piece of scones cost like RM10)



Wish you were here! Haha.

Pic of the day: A really vain vanity carplate. Audacious! Who are you to call yourself Datin Victoria?

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