Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lecturers' New Toy

Seems like lecturers now knew that their lectures are getting boring. At last they noticed all the blank stares and drooping heads in the lecture theatre...

So what do you think they do to spruce up their lectures? Like any TV stations wanting to increase their TV ratings, they turn the lecture theatre into an arena for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. With some slight modifications though... Since they don't have the money, they changed the Millionaire to Pharmacist and the $ sign into mg. Like yeah, congrats, you won 1 million milligrams! (Of what? who cares..as long as it sounds Pharmacist) You are now a Pharmacist!

Welcome to Who wants to be a Pharmacist! Congrats to our contestant here for winning the Fastest Fingers challenge... Let the game begin!

And mind you, they are really serious about this idea of game show in lecture. They even invest some of our monies to buy some Keepads.

Kee-pad. Made in Korea.

What is the Keepads used for? To choose the fastest contestant of course! The question will go on the screen, and all the students will press the answers. Just to render an air of authencity to the game which is made fake by the fact that nobody will win any money. Impressive right?

Press quick! The fastest guy will stand a chance to win 1000000 mg!

Everyone say VCP is one of the best Pharmacy school in the world. Now I know why. They are even serious and provide the best when it comes to playing games. Did I see any of you turn green with envy?

P/s: Great news! JPA said I will receive a pay rise..yeah! My salary will raised by around 100% from RM1760 to RM3315 per month! Woo-hoo! Even higher than being a school teacher or even a pharmacist in Malaysia. Studying is really one of the best paid job... =) Next time the After Form 5 Careers RoadShow should have one new potential career path: "Professional Student".

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youngyew said...

Wah, so fun! Do you have any more game show like this? If got I want to join.. :)