Monday, August 27, 2007

The Big Night

This is the culmination of 6 week of hard work: A two hour plus extravaganza.

'Stitches in time saves nine' was indeed a night to remember. This is the biggest project I had ever been involved in. There are numerous moments of self doubts, frustrations and tons of stress prior in the run up to this event, but the resounding success make it all worthwhile. Here are some pics of the memorable night:

The opening act: My 6 cents' worth

Dreams. A very sweet-sounding duet.

The strings triplet from VCP.

JinSern, whose voice can melt all gals' heart.

Steve Romig, one of the invited singer who performed for free.

Jessica Paige, another of our invited guest singer.

Full house: nearly 200 people turn up for the event.

The MC team ended the night with a poignant rendition of Words.

Aftermath: Me posing with some PISA members. Note my bow-tie. LOL

Me with one of the kids of Operation Stitches, the organisation where all the money raise will go to, and Claudia, who is the inspiring director of this event.

Besides the entertainment night, PISA members also canvassed for donations in all year levels and also in Melbourne Uni and RMIT. All in all, we managed to raise around $2000 for the charity. That was a lot of money. Thank you all who came and support this event.

P/s: This event is the reason I haven't post anything on this blog for 1 whole week.

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youngyew said...

Congratulations for the success of the event!