Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heralds the new dawn

The English Permier League is on again!

After a three months hiatus, I can now look forward to wake up every Saturday and Sunday morning and go online with a surge of excitement and anticipation to find how my team did the previous night.

Sometimes its bad when the team you supported isn't one of the main team in the EPL. It just isn't fair coz the cable TV here always show Manchester United or Liverpool. Actually I hasn't seen my beloved team play at all in the past seson. Mainly because it was a bad season last year adn I couldn't bear to watch them play.

If you know me well enough, you should know that the team I supported is Newcastle United. Been supporting the club since the 95/96 season when they are a strong team, when they are able to trash Manchester United 5-0. Hopefully this year, Newcastle United can grow to be a team to be reckon with again, since they have a new manager and some excellent players.

Anyway, if you didn't know which team is Newcastle United, its the team Michael Owen is plaing with now. You mean you don't know who's Michael Owen?..well don't bother reading this then.

My favorite player in the current Newcastle United team is Shay Given, who is the goalkeeper. He is so brilliant and I just love to watch him play. His reflexes are astounding. My favorite player used to be Alan Shearer, who was once the world's most expensive striker when Newcastle brought him for 15 million pounds in 96/97, but alas he already retired.

Other players I like in the Newcastle team is Steven Taylor, who is a young and promising defender. I always like new exciting players. In the midfield department, my favorite is James Milner, because he too is young and promising. Striker of course is Michael Owen. Although he is old and slow now, he still can score goals.. I used to like Michael Chopra after Alan Shearer retired, but he got transferred. Still felt its a wrong sale. And he just scored the first goal of the new season.

Haha.. feels like I had just wrote a primary school essay on my favorite football team. To cut a long story short, long live Newcastle United!

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