Thursday, August 09, 2007

Salsa and Open Day

I learnt Salsa dancing.

Even though its only a few basic moves..

Its definitely a good feeling to had learnt something new.

The Salsa dance is part of the Global Friendship Series, which is sort of a group of people in uni running free activities to promote integration between students. Being part of the group, its definitely rewarding to see so many people turn up and had fun learning the Salsa - and then ask whether we can have another one next week! Well, I think th answer is 'no', coz I am now a non-believer of successfully running a same event twice in a row. Most young people's interest are so fickle. Sort of 'Been there, done that' mentality.

One of my job is also to make announcements about the event to student. I used to envy the bravery of those who have the courage to go down there and speak. But after doing it for 3 times for 2 different audiences, I felt that it is no big deal after all to stand right down there trying to get the attention of all the students in the lecture theatre. After the first word, everything is easy. That said, I hoped now got people envy me being able to speak in front of a crowd. After all, public speaking is the greatest fear on earth.

Last Sunday was also Monash Uni Open Day. As a volunteer, I was stationed at Clayton (Monash Uni's main campus) and my job is to get prospective students to get on the shuttle bus to the College of Pharmacy. What got my atention is that the majority of students are only concerned with the results needed to enter the course. They have no interest what-so-ever on how life is going to be in uni. I was like 'how can this be? You are going to spend 4 years there!' Then I realised that I didn't care too when I applied for Uni... it's always the Entry Score and how reputable the Uni is. Who cares how life will gonna be.. Well, maybe as you grow older, you kinda began to notice these things.

Well, guess that's the end of my weekly musings. Hope I can post something more substantial on next week. Seems that a few of my frenz are also slacking in updating their blogs. Everyone's busy? Or had the bubble burst?


youngyew said...

I am quite sure that OWL has been busy. :P For me it's more of slack, but I am getting busier as my research workload begins to increase.

Phiaw said...

Haha. Good luck on your research. I am starting to think that you are the only one to read my blog nowadays. Coz you are he one that post comments LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi phiaw2,

tat's not true, i read ur blog oso, hahaa. altho i admit im a lil' s-l-o-w... but yea, i also noticed CY is d only who post comments. =P

keep up d good job =)

youngyew said...

Haha who's anonymous?