Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tim Tam Slam

Tim-tam is a very Australian thing. I am sure all of you had indulged in one before. If not, you are missing heaven.

While surfing the net yesterday, I came upon a very novel way to enjoy Tim-tam, In fact, it had acquired a name: Tim-tam Slam. I tried it today, and it really add a new dimension to the already delicious Tim-tam.

Here's how you do it:

Step 1:

Get your hands on some Tim-tams. Any variety will do. If you are in Malaysia, make sure it is refrigerated coz it need to be hard and firm.

Step 2:

Bite of two ends of the Tim-tam as illustrated below.

Step 3:

Use your tim-tams as an ersatz straw and suck up any beverages you like with it, usually tea, coffee, cholocate or in my case, milk.

Step: 4

When you feel that your tim tam straw is nearly crumbing, put the whole thing into your mouth and enjoy the sensation. Delicious!

Actually it takes practice to perfect the art of tim-tam this way, but who cares rite? I just gave you an excuse to enjoy more of this chocolaty delight!


Trivia of the day: Tim-tam is named after a horse. Fancy that =)

1 comment:

youngyew said...

I decided to avoid Tim Tam as much as I could since a while ago, after realising the problem it caused to my tummy.

** Run off to Safeway **