Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dressing up

You know it is spring in Melbourne when the horse racing season comes along and the flies comes out to play and you still can see the sun at the unlikely time of 8pm.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Melbourne as it is the Melbourne Cup day - a special day where Melbournians don their best attires and go to the Flemington race course to enjoy the Melbourne Cup horse race.

And unfortunately, I am stuck at another racing course during my exams.

Nevertheless, on my way home from the exams, I still can spot a number of ladies spotted wearing their beautiful spring dressess and fascinators around the city.

Ladies in spring dresses.

And aren't they breathtaking.

I felt that ladies looked very elegant and chic in spring dresses. One of my laments is that a big proportion of the female species nowadays didn't really take the care and time to dress themselves up. I would really like to have more females, especially the young ones wearing a dress more often rather then just putting on those convenient tees and jeans. Beauty should be flaunted and accentuated instead of being enclosed or trapped in some baggy shirt or jeans. I'm sure there is some suitable dress for every lady out there.

I have really no idea why ladies seldom wear dresses. Especially Malaysians. In fact, I think it is easy to differentiate Malaysian gals from others in Ausralia - they are always the one in tees and jeans. I have no problems with that, but I really just hope that more of them wear dresses more frequently because I do sincerely feel that they look nicer in that. Is it about convinience, comfortability, women equality or just plain laziness? Gals are lucky, they got a huge array of different attires to dress themselves in and far more boutiques to shop in. And yes, they got this thing called dress. Yet, they still like tees and jeans. You are only young once, and if one didn't seize the moment to dress up, are there any other opportunities to do so?

Sometimes I do wish that if only I'm a girl...

The ubiquitous and too-convenient jeans

I like the fascinator very much - it is basically something that looked like a head but not a hat that you wore on your head. When worn with a spring dress, it can really heighten a person's beauty. Melbournians are very creative with their fascinators - they come in all shapes and sizes and made from all sorts of unique materials. Never saw this in Malaysia before, but I'm sure if given the publicity, it will soon be in fashion.

A fascinator

Females have a distinct advantage over males in that they have more opportunities and ways to look stunning. But alas, they just don't seize the chance. Come on gals, dress up! Spring is here!

P/s: Yes! One more paper to go tomorrow before the end of the exams and the beginning of a >100 days hols. Tomoro's paper will be my 31st exam in Uni...fancy that.


Ai Ling said...

hmm..i dno about other girls, but i guess for me..there's no point dressing up to attend 3 hours of lectures in uni and then coming back home. i guess it's more of a convenience than being lazy or anything else. dressing up nicely to uni is so exaggerating because we're there to study, not to be the next top model. haha. :P

but i guess i can say that u're one of the guys who look fwd to spring to see some "skin" on the girls, heh? haha.... :P

anyway, good luck in ur last paper!

klsz said...

That's so cool!!!!!!
So... elegant... so.. nice... so spring-y...

Aleckii said...

Wait a minute! You blog too! Way cool! Kelvin here by the way, drop by my blog too once in a while.

Phiaw said...

Haha Ai Ling.. doesn't need to wait till spring to see 'skin' one. =P just wondering: isn't convenience a nicer word for lazy? lol.

Hi Kim! How r u? Enjoy ur hols!

Hi Kelvin.. drop me a link of your blog. Then I will read it wilth pleasure =)

MDA said...

I also have another revelation - Malaysian guys tend to come here and end up becoming sell-outs, lusting after "white" flesh and then unfairly criticising everything they knew back home. Young man, wake up from your wide-eyed stupor - these gwailo girls dress up like this here only DURING the Cup Races because it is a contest which involves a bit of money as a prize. Grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture, eh?

Look, the everyday dress-code of the Aussie girls are not that spectucular or are you selectively blind? Been to Oakleigh? What about Bentleigh or Brunswick?

I am also in Melbourne. Working as a owner-Pharmacist, and have been here for 20 years. Thus I know you are just being starry-eyed at the females of another race and to a new "culture". It is that obvious.