Thursday, November 22, 2007

Weathered Sailing

It is only in Melbourne that you can get a temperature of 36 degree celcius one day and 18 the next. The hot sun scorching down one day and the cold rain pattering down the next. One day where a shirt is too hot and the next where two is not enough. Truly remarkable.

Thats yesterday's and today's weather here.

Monday saw me sailing. If it was held in other days, it should be extremely fun. The termometer that day read 37 degree celcius. And I spent 4 hour of the afternoon baking under the sun. Lucky I had a tube of sun tan lotion. Or else I would be short and dark. Hardly ideal combination coz to be handsome, you need to be either tall and dark or short and fair skinned.

So anyway, these are some pics that I took that day:


The mast


Part of the harbour

It was supposed to be a team builing event for the Ambassador programme, but everyone seems disinterested to move around due to the hot weather. We just lying around idylly on the boat chatting. And once the boat docked, we made a beeline to the nearest ice-cream parlour.

On Tuesday night we had this Ambassador appreciation celebration. Its like the last event of the year for us. The program coordinator got all the bigwigs in Uni and aso our sponsors to come and have a nice time with us. It was held in a bar somewhere in the city, which is nice coz they booked the whole place and wehave free alcohol and finger food. It was an interesting experience talking to all those people, coz the conversation is always punctured by those awkward silence when both parties try to find some common grounds. Guess I need to think of some more topics to talk about next time. I thought I was we prepared. Ah well, it is a far better performance compared to the first event I attended.

Guess I'm still inherently a socio-phobic. Old habits do die hard. But I am good enough to get a free book LOL. This book is actually only for the sponsors who attended that day. Love this book. It's a compilation of stories about individuals who left an indeliable mark in the history of the college of pharmacy. Compelling read.

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Aleckii said...

Cool pictures! Must have been fun sailing. Over here, temperature is around 0 to 10. Plus cold wind sometimes knock your breath away... I hate winters...