Sunday, November 18, 2007

Puffing Billy

After experiencing quite a hectic week, went out to have some fun with friends yesterday. We went to Belgrave and then Phillip Islands.

We went to sit on the Puffing Billy in Blegrave. In case you are wondering, its a train.

All abroad for departure!

The train's engine

What's so special about this train is that it is 'Puffing', aka running on coal. It's one of those old-fashioned authentic train making all those authentic train noise and with authentic conductor and engineers in overalls - not like the one that now run on electricity. It travels through quaint villages and nice countryside farms and lots of tress and flowers. And you get coal all over your face if you stick your head out to view the scenery and let the soft breeze carass your face. The whole experience felt like being in a time capsule and transported back 100 years.

Train's crossing! Notice the steam being puffed out..

The picturesque countryside.

We all love the train.. (me not inside coz I took the pix..duh)

It was an unique experience - well worth the pricey price tag. For those of you in Melbourne but haven't been to the place before, it's a must go!

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