Sunday, November 04, 2007


Writing for the sake of just to write something..

这两年来,发现咖啡成了我在考试期间不可缺少的陪伴。我最欣赏“星星多美国钱”的雪冰咖啡。 此外,哪儿环境挺不错,是温习的好地方。单单这两个星期,我已经在“星星多美国钱”喝了三杯雪冰摩卡。 今天就和道光再度光临“星星多美国钱”,而且拍了几张无聊照片:

“星星多美国钱” aka Starbucks

Another pic of Starbucks Lygon Street

Okay. Above is my pathetic effort to write something in Chinese. Seems it had deteriorated to a point of no return these days.

Lack of postings these days is due to the fact that I had preferentially allocated all my brain cells (esp the memory cells) to learn something about pharmacy. Currently I had finished 3 papers and stuck with two more to come next week.

Recenty found that I am addicted to caffeine - to the point that I will have a headache if I didn't get a caffeine fix in the morning. Terrible. Guess need to slowly wean off coffee after my exams. Been too dependent on it this sememster due to hectic timetable.

Me in Starbucks enjoying my caffeine fix

TK in Starbucks

I will resume updating the blog after my exams. Better get back to my studies now. Absolutely no motivation to study these days...

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