Friday, March 14, 2008

Does The Secret really works?

The Secret was one of the more controversial best-sellers around. It championed the so called Law of Attraction, the teaching that by visualising whatever you want, you will get it. It drew some flake mainly because it implies that if you are disabled, it's because you subconciously want to be disabled.

For a perennial sceptic like me, I don't buy into the credo that you can get whatever you want by just desiring it. Perhaps it is due to my upbringing, where it is instilled in me that I need to work hard to get what I want. However, since The Secret was on the best seller list for a long time, I decided to buy the book when it was on offer last year for the grand price of $16.95.

After reading the book, I felt that what was claimed was incredulous and outrageous - basically the book is a rip-off and I don't believe anything it said. Nevertheless, for someone who always reach the tram stop when the tram is just pulling away, I figured that it is relatively harmless to give The Secret one shot. And since today is as good as any day, I put the 'law of attraction' into practice - and guess what - it pays off three times in a row.

Here's how today unfold:

I had lectures slotted for 9.00am to 11.00am. Half way through, I received a SMS that I need to be at a meeting at 10.30am. Not wanting to miss lecture and the meeting - I visualised the the lecture will end at 10.30am. Voila! It did.

Then I wanted to go to Endnote workshop at 1.00pm and had lecture from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Guess what? lecture ends at 1.05pm!

Then I desired to join the celebration of my friend's birthday at 2.15pm. You guessed right, the time was just nicely placed within a lecture. So it's another this or that again - and you wouldn't believe it - the lecturer didn't come and class was cancelled! First time in a long while that this had happened.

So right now I am still figuring out whether it was just dumb luck or The Secret at work. Whatever it is, I am visualizing right now that the weather on Sunday will be a cool breezy day so that I can enjoy the F1 in a comfortable environment. Who cares that the weather bureau said it will be 36C. I have The Secret working for me!

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