Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter siesta

The just concluded mid-semester break was a much needed afternoon nap in the day that is 2008. The first few weeks of Uni had been hectic, resulting in a severe lack of sleep and more than one comment that I looked tired.

Hence, I had dutifully catch up all those lost hours of dreams, resulting in days when I woke up at 11am. Besides from that it was quite an interesting week actually, spent doing quite a few things I like at a leisurely pace. 

I had been to playing ping-pong and badminton, attended two birthday parties, sung at two karaokes, went drinking twice, out eating nearly everyday and  read a few novels. Which is essentially a very happy time.

The most significant thing I had done that week is of course taking part in the 14.14km Run-for-the-kids. The event was held yesterday and more then 27,000 people took part, raising in excess of $700,000 for the Royal Children Hospital. Compared to last year where I ran to beat the clock, I took a leisurely approach to the race this year and finished it in about 2 and a half hours. Took a few photos along the way:


Running across Bolte bridge...


Fairies on the run. There are also Spiderman, The Incredibles and a whole lot of other Superheroes on the run.


More running people...


And me striking a pose at the 13km mark. My strong affiliation with the number 13 continues as I was participant number 18313.

It feels good being able to contribute to a good cause.

This week will be a hectic week as I started my hospital placements. I will be at the Austin Hospital from 8.30am to 5.30pm the next 3 weeks, learning the ropes of being a future pharmacist. Austin is quite far away, requiring at least two hours on public transport daily. It will be tiring.

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