Wednesday, March 19, 2008


How great is our potential?

I am generally pleased with my extra-curricular involvements in the University. I have diverse roles and derived different experiences and knowledge from them. These roles enabled me to know myself better, and let me have a chance to further explore my potential. I am quite content and happy with what I am doing.

But all these paled in comparison when I read about the achievements of other students my age. There's facebook founderMark Zuckerberg, only 23 and listed in Forbes as youngest self made billionaire. Then there's also a Monash student by the name of Hugh Evans, 24, who founded and is currently the director of The Oaktree Foundation - a huge entirely youth run not-for-profit organisation dedicated to eradicate poverty.

Reading about them left me a nagging aftertaste in my mouth. If they can have such vision and leave such an impact on millions of people's life by such a young age (pratically same age as me), why can't I do the same? Are we any different? Am I really living up to my potential?

Something to gnaw at during Easter break.

Moving on, after countless days of busy-ness I finally had a quiet afternoon today. Utilised it to the max by finishing a novel I started reading two weeks ago. That's quite a record coz I usually gobbled one up in 2-3 days. The novel is Unpolished Gem by Alice Pung. It was a very funny and interesting read, and the author really had a knack for storytelling and words play. I read the book because Alice came to the Uni to give a talk during orientation and she had a very enthralling honeyed voice.

Anyway, just brought another book today from Borders. It's another one by Jodi Picoult, who wrote the critically acclaimed (by my standard) My Sister's Keeper. It's gonna keep me company for Easter Break. Wondered why I'm so plan-less for Easter. But sometimes I really do prefer staying home all day with a good book. Not to mention the mountain of assignments..

And yes, have a Good Friday and Happy Easter to everyone!

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