Sunday, March 16, 2008

The F1 experience

For the first time in my life, I decided to go to a F1 race. In appreciation of my generous support, Melbourne rewarded me with a fine, sunny, cloudness 37C day.

The race started at 3.30pm, but due to my unbridled enthusiasm, I was there as early as 10am. (Okay I admit it was partly becoz of the $68 x 2 I spent on the tix) Nonetheless, there are certainly a lot of other fun things to do besides enjoying the F1 race.

For example, taking pictures of cute cars..

Crazy fans...

Ardent Ferrari supporter...

Hilarious road safety demo..

and of course the F1 car itself.

During the race, it was quite hard to capture pictures of the cars as they zoomed by fast. But thanks to countless crashes and safety cars (only 7 out of 22 cars finished the race), me and my sis managed to get a few good photos:

Me with a car zooming by (one of the hardest pic to take)...

All the cars close by each other.

In the end, Lewis Hamilton won the race and the two Ferrari cars did not finish the race. Quite surprisingly second place went to the Petronas sponsored car. Really money well spent. Syabas M'sia!

Mr Hamilton before the race.

After the race, we had a walk on the race track itself, taking some photos like this one:

Me posting with my fav number on the starting grid..

And of course a post of F1 will not be complete without mentioning the beautiful promo girls associated.

Bad news is that it was hard to take photos with them as they were wearing really high heels.


You should see their 5 inch heels.

It's true.

Except these two.

Thx for bending your leg Blondie^^


Wee Loon ONG said...

you are so AAB... what's so special about 13 wor :P

changyang1230 said...

Haha since when AAB becomes an adjective?

Anyway a good experience you had there.

changyang1230 said...

Oh ya, did you manage to see any driver close up?

^w3nsy-wensy^ said...

where's my photos? =D