Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eclipsing the rest

There is now a generation known as the "tweenagers" - kids between 7 to 11 who have mums and dad loaded with money and hence huge purchasing power. But I think the term is more suitable for people in their early twenties who are still a teenager at heart: TWENties-AGERS.

Its hard being in that early twenties age group: definately the most difficult period of one's life. Its the time when you are caught between two worlds, wanting to be related to the "INess" of the younger world and the "Sophistication-ess" of the matured world.

To be savvy nowadays, you need to have some fancy stuffs. Not too glaring and garish mind you, or you will look like a desperate attention grabber. Something subdue and stylish will do.

You definately need to have a good handphone:


An Ipod. Be it Nano or whatever (I want one and May is near..)


Somewhat interesting watch that is not too old looking (think gold watch) or young looking (digital watch).


And perhaps tie pins and cufflinks that make you look more polished and matured.


Unfortunately, you will soon find out that these things are often too expensive.

But fear not, there is a new fashion accessory that is cheap and affordable (and tasty too!)




It's the Eclipse mint!


Nearly every Tweenagers have them. Available in four flavours in Australia, the 50 mints are encased in a shiny metallic packaging that oozes class and sophistication.


You can push it up with you thumb with a fluid flick - a move that if practiced perfectly can be as stylish as lighting up a lighter.


They are so damn popular that they got their own Wikipedia page.

Best of all - the mints gives you fresh breaths and a cool soothing feeling in your mouth. And best of best of all - it only cost slightly more than $2 dollars (depending on where you get them). Compare that with the price of a handphone!

image imageimage

So if you are twenty-ish and wants to look cool and fit in with the crowd, look no further away then the checkout counter of your local friendly supermarket.

Ah..Eclipse mint.. if only I am paid to write this.

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Casper said...

I think the company should pay you for that ad... :P

Nanos are cheap nowadays, just go and get one la...