Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Facebook is filled with a lot of quirky and interesting groups, lots of them set up for no apparent reason other then just to have some fun.

Just stumbled upon a very interesting group called:

Top 10 Reasons For Dating A Pharmacist.


And the reasons are..

1. Very clean life style and bed style too.
2. We are well trained to listen.
3. Drug Dealers….with a license! Hell yea..
4. Free drugs, condoms, and birth control pills…We play safe!
5. When it comes to measures we are precise, gentle, and got a whole bunch of leaks before reaching the end point! lol,don’t u just love Titration?!
6. We know quite enough anatomy, to know what works and where.
7. We own a variety of lotions, creams and gels, and aren't afraid to use them.
8. We do it on the counter, in the car, and on hospital beds all day long.
9. We never miss a target ;)
10. Love is all about chemistry, right?…Well so is Pharmacy!

Funny and creative =).

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changyang1230 said...

Your ligands are highly potent, always stick to the receptor with high affinity, and have a long half-life. And you always have more to spare when the current batch of ligand is finished. :P