Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pharmacy series


Starting from today, I will be starting a new series on Pharmacy. Now into my final year of studies, I felt that it is morally responsible to share what I knew and learnt about the profession.

Pharmacy is an area that is shrouded with misconception. They are viewed as pill counters, vitamin sellers, medicine dispensers in hospital and many can't fathom why we need to go through a four-year course.

In this series, I will share about what we really learn in University, what are the real roles of pharmacists and also some on my viewpoints on the future bearings of the profession. I will also strive to increase awareness on medications and their proper usage.

Hopefully this series will be very enlightening and entertaining to you all. First post will be out sometime tonight.


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Anonymous said...

hey! u've got a great and interesting blog! i'm actually considering to do pharmacy too! looking forward to read your "pharmacy series".