Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hospital Placement


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

6.40a.m. Alarm Rang. 6.45a.m. Woke Up. 6.50a.m. Dress Up. 7.10a.m. Breakfast 7.22a.m. Brisk walk to tram stop. 270 metres. 7.28a.m. On tram. 7.32a.m. Reached Parliament Train Station. Rushed down 3 flights of stairs and 2 long escalators. 7.36a.m. Train to Flinders. 7.38a.m. Reached Flinders. Change Platform. 7.39a.m. Read notes or buy coffee. 7.51a.m. Train to Hurstbridge. 8.15a.m Reach Heidelberg. 8.25a.m. Reach Pharmacy Department of Austin. 8.30a.m. Day start.

This week I began my hospital placement at Austin. As illustrated above, it is very far and quite a hassle to get there. I discovered that I have misstramphobia and tramlatephobia - causing me to constantly consult the fingers on my watch and walk the businessman stride. Missing a tram or train will have a domino effect - you miss one, you will miss another and another, hence late as a result.

My hours at Austin are 8.30a.m. to 5.30p.m. We have a few tutorials, and spend the rest of the time in wards. For the first week, I was assigned to the Renal department. I shadowed the ward pharmacist, observing what she did and did the things she asked me to do. It never ceased to amaze me how clever she is - constantly remembering all the doses and side effects and counselling points of the medications. Just like a human dictionary. Can't believe I am supposed to be able to do that next year.

The most important thing I learnt last week was perhaps that never ever get sick and got admitted to the hospital during the weekend. This is because a lot of the usual staffs only work Mon-Fri, and weekend people are those unfortunate enough to have duty that week.. So you will get someone who doesn't know anything about you looking after you..which is scary..

Anyway, it was very tiring. Reached home at 7.00p.m. everyday, cook and eat dinner and watch TV and take bath till 10.30pm.,  and slept at 12.00a.m. Really no time to do anything else. By the end of Friday just felt like having to pamper myself.

So went out to eat with my good friend in 3rd Yr to catch up what's been happening in Uni after finishing the day. After walking aimlessly for 15 mins spotted this charming little street called  Hardware Lane. The ambience is very nice, with live music on the sidewalk. We had a two-course meal - I had prawn salad and scotch fillet and we share a bottle of red wine. Delicious.


Recharging my batteries this weekend. Monday is so near again...

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