Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pink for a cause

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I changed the background of my blog pink last year as a show of support for breast cancer research. Initially I wanted to change it to another colour after one month, but a combination of "dunno-how-to-do-it", "laziness" and "kinda like the colour" destined that it remains pink till now.

Anyway, I have no intention on changing in because its the time of the year again where I run for another 8km in the Mothers Day Classic run for breast cancer research. Thanks Dad for sponsoring the RM67.50 registration fee and Members Equity Bank for agreeing to donate 1 Aussie cent for every 2 steps I run. I will finish the course in as many steps as possible. =)

Too bad I had not much time to practice for the run on 11 May, because I'm going for another 3-weeks placement tomorrow - meaning another fifteen 9.00-530 days. This time it will be at a community pharmacy. And I had just hand in 3 assignments and have a debate in the past week. 4th Year is definitely a killer.

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Vivian Keong said...

I like reading your blog..the content is soo nice.
I wish I could write out sthg like that as well..