Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 course meal


Saturday special column on food:

A food critic sampled and weld his mighty pen on the flavours of the current exams.




A nice mix of fresh taste and tried and tested flavours. Too bad the waiter was too hasty to clear the plate before the last morsel was eaten. Or else it would be near perfect. 



The portion served was fit for a hungry family of four. However, rather ruefully it was not matched by the freshness of the produce. It also suffered from a lack in imagination and not worthy of its exorbitant price. Nevertheless a satisfying feed.



Hmm.. still waiting for it. Seems like a long wait already. Hopefully it will be something to be fondly remembered...

That's what a food critique will say. In layman's term, there was not enough time to finish the starter, which consisted of a combination of fresh questions and past years.

The main was an insult to intelligence because the bulk was rehashed past years. To think I had studied for it till the material crept into my dreams and gave my a sore back for sitting on the chair for too long. Even though I think I can do the questions well, it was just not challenging enough nor worth the effort.

The dessert had not yet been served. But really hoped that they waiter bring it out now and cut this painful waiting. I want my holiday! It had been such a long semester..

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