Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Birthday Chronicles

Birthdays are the time when your friends and you come together to say "hey, glad that you were born!" (I hope).

This year's birthday was very special to me, partly because it is likely to be my last b'day celebrated with this current bunch of people, partly because I have more then one celebration for the first time, partly because my sis got to celebrate it with me here.

The first celebration was a real surprise. I have no idea it is a birthday celebration - thought it was a routine post placement catch up dinner with my pharmacy friends. Some people just have the ingenuity to have my birthday celebrated exactly 13 days before the actual date because I like the number 13.


And someone had the gall to put "uncle" on my cake. Thank you for reminding that I'm getting chronologically advanced.


One day before my real birthday, when out to celebrate with my sis. Went to this place called Laksa King where we need to wait nearly 1/2 hour to get a seat. The laksa was okay, but the ingredients were quite fresh. Then we had a drink at Starbucks and she presented me with a self-made birthday cake. This was the very first time I knew she can make a cake. It was a real yummy lemon cheesecake.


Then on the actual day itself, I went to celebrate with my JPA friends and associate in Hallah, which is a Korean restaurant I liked a lot. Nice change of scenery after having the last two birthdays celebration in Thai restaurant. It was quite bittersweet, as it is likely to be the last year we came out eat as a group. Next year everyone will be everywhere pursuing their dreams. Time really flies.


Blowing my 23 candles on the cake.


A birthday post wouldn't be complete without some spiel about presents. Someone actually read my blog and brought me an ipod this year..wee~ next time better draw up a wish list.


I received four bottles of wine this year. Okay I got the hint. I am somewhat an alcoholic already? Didn't realise. Better change my image. Thanks for the chocolates, perfume, books and Lego figure too.


I would also like to thank all the people who sent in their greetings via card, sms, facebook, ecard, friendster, msn etc. I felt so touched. You always need friends and family to make your birthday special. Thanks for just doing that. =)

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