Wednesday, June 25, 2008


And to acknowledge the fact, the Internet connection decided to go on strike.

So cool. It cuts me off the cheapest way I can find friends to do things and plan stuffs. When I finally got the time to do them.

Now the telcos can smile all the way to the bank after ripping me off my SMS fees. Mind you, its not one cent here as in M'sia.

Nevertheless it was a fun day today as a few of us managed to get together and play a game of Frisbee. Albeit the wind is not really helping at all, making the Frisbee turns and twists at awkward angles.

But I find this game very special as I guess it is the first time we had pharmacy students from three different year levels (plus a PhD student) having fun together.

It something I guess I will cherish a lot, because I never got to do this with my seniors and in fact only knew a few of them. I guess one of the reasons I took such an initiative to know the juniors and help them whenever possible is because I wanted them to have a richer Uni life, to make sure they have what I don't have when I'm still in the first year.

Later in the evening, some of us had a meeting with the Senior Principal Assistant Director of pharmacy in Malaysia. After me complaining of the don't-care-much attitude of JPA, it is good to know that at least the Pharmacy department cared about us. She gave us quite a good picture of what to expect in Malaysia and some of the options we can take. She told us how the training will be like, what exams we had to take and how much our salary will be (We will be really earning RM3800 per month).

It was quite enlightening to find out that the pharmacy profession in M'sia is not as 'backwater' as first thought. That they really do more stuffs then just counting and dispensing pills. That they are here to learn more about stuffs like Home Management Review.

The future is not as dark as it seems.


Wee Loon ONG said...

3800 per month?! Wah...really so well-paid ar!

*~eve~* said...

yes yes yes... muahhahaha.

-yau_hon_james- said...

RM 3800 is more than enough in east malaysia. :) Tht's y i said, hometown is still da best. :) U guyz met wif senior office of Pharmacy Department ah? I oso got her namecard from my fren. :) Tht day they met her in Bismi. Haha!!!!

Zhi Wei said...

thats nice you got to meet the one came to visit us in Brisbane and enlighten us =(
should find out more from you guys then

Phiaw said...

James: haha Melbourne is alwaz such as a small place.
Zhi Wei: Hi! You also intend to go back M'sia? haha guess its a funny question like we have a choice.