Monday, June 16, 2008


I am sinking amongst tons of notes, which packets of chips and tubes of ice cream to get me going. It's a monstrous subject, 53 lectures and all, and it seemed that I can't finish them all. I should be scared and running hard, but yet there is this calm in me - a defying move to show the exams who's the boss - that it can't rule my life; a stubborn streak to prove that studying is only a part of life. As important as spending my time cooking a slow dinner. Or watch a movie. Or have a meandering walk around. Or a ten hour sleep. Or play badminton. Or waking up in the dead of the night to watch Euro 2008.

Is it an act of short-term satisfaction for long-term gain? That will be lived to be regretted? If study for one more extra hour might get one more mark. Who knows.

Just hope that I wouldn't crash and burn.

Oh yeah, actually just wanna write something to wish my Dad "Happy Father's Day". Time to live a life like this. I just don't really like sending e-cards, Mum.


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^w3nsy-wensy^ said...

me too me too! haha