Thursday, June 05, 2008

Its all about the exams

I'm sitting right here in front of the laptop, thinking of something to write while enjoying a delicious piece of lemon cheese cake (still eating it, sis - nearly half gone). Seems that my whole head is preoccupied with the oncoming exams. So might as well rant something about it.

My exams start on Monday, so there's still a few more nights to go and try cram it all in. I'm always interest in how to study and get really high marks in exams - something that I had failed to do consistently. It is better by just to understand the concept behind the text? Or just try to memorise everything? Or is it that my exams answering technique are not up to scratch?

Alarmingly, I discovered that my memorising skills are deteriorating by the year. Once I can memorise all the key points and have some photo memory of the lecture notes. Nowadays I am lucky to get 75% of them in. Must be due to my advancing years.  Now that's a good excuse for getting low marks.

Since I got a good measurable diagnosis criteria of my problem and had diagnosed it, I decided to subject my brain to some treatment. As my brain doesn't believe in the first line therapy taking health supplements,  I decided to try some unconventional non-pharmacological treatment: web-sudoku tds; adding up numbers on cards bd and using my non-dominant hand to move the mouse. All these have anecdotal evidence in  promoting better brain function. However, the duration needed for this therapy to work is not documented. Hopefully its not too late.

Perhaps the best thing to do now is constant remind myself that marks are not important at all in life. It's meaningless once you start working. It's not that you will get a higher salary and faster promotion if you get high marks. High marks are just for personal satisfaction.

Moving on... just wondered why we often wish each other "Good luck" before exams. Now in what way does a person need luck in the exams? Luck that what he studied will be on the paper and what he didn't does not? Luck that his shooting accuracy will be spot on in multiple choice question? Luck that whatever he do, he will get high marks? Where does luck comes in?? I only ever got lucky once in exams, and that's real luck because one of the essay I memorised was on the exam paper. That's 1 in a million chance it will happen again.

Okay enough ramble. Next post should be between my first and second exam. I had 9 days break between them. Very considerate of the lecturers because the second subject had 53 lectures (others around 20).  One last thing: Wikipedia is getting indispensable for studies.


*~eve~* said...

Ok.. i know this comes a bit late. But I usually prefer to use "all the best" and prefer ppl to use it on me too.
That sounds more practical, innit?

Anyway, I think I am suffering from Final-Year syndrome. I will post up more details of the diagnosis criteria soon on my blog.

Oh yea, I started to write again. Guess exams is just when you want to rant and have so many things to rant.

Just decided that this time, the blog will be on more casual ramblings and my crappings. Don't want to be spending more than an hour everytime I wanted to post something again!

Phiaw said...

Cool ~ welcome back haha. Will add you back to my blog roll when I update it. Wanna update the whole thing coz OWL changed his. Happy studyin ~