Saturday, August 09, 2008

Last placement

Yesterday was the last day of my last ever pharmacy placement. At last, after four 3 weeks placements that span 3 semesters, its all over. Goodbye to the 8 hours day and 7am wake up alarm!


My this last placement was at St Vincent's Hospital, which was just a brisk 20 minutes walk from home. It was by far the most relaxing placement ever. There's so much nothingness to do that I felt tired at night doing nothingness. The tea breaks were long, lunch longer and we even had time to squeeze in watching The Bachelor on TV.

Okay I'm exaggerating. Nonetheless this placement was really way less hectic compared to the one in The Austin Hospital. Despite this, I did manage to learn quite a lot in this placement. At least by now most of the brand names sound familiar and I can even remember the dose they came in. I also had a rough grasp of how the pharmacy system works, which probably was what JPA sent me over to study about. Hopefully the hospital pharmacy in Malaysia is up to scratch.


I was attached to the gastro (all about the stomach and intestine) and cardio (heart) wards during the placement. They are a lot of unfamiliar terms like angiogram or stent or ileosectomy etc etc. But medication wise, it is all the standard kind of drugs. Which made life a little bit repetitive.


This was the card we gave to the pharmacists at the end of day yesterday. Basically the drawings denotes all the students and also the pharmacists at their respective levels in the hospital. Found it very creative.


Took photos with some of the other students there. I like this photo a lot because for the first time, I felt very tall. =)

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