Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love the environment

Arron Wood, 2007 Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year, was in Uni today to deliver the keynote leadership speech at the Student Leaders' Function.

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There's always so much to get out from these events.

Even though I am not much of an environmental faddist (even though I do ensure all the taps in my house are closed tightly and put some effort in recycling rubbish), Arron's speech do somehow strike a chord in me. Perhaps caring about the environment is something we do seriously have to ponder about.

There was also a leadership panel consisting of the who's who in pharmacy, who answered questions and shared their experiences with the students. Besides that, there were a lot of other members of the industry milling around to interact with interested students.

Some very insightful and inspiring message I got from tonight:

Passion. That's the great big thing that underlies all greatness and drives people to be successful in their field. Passion gives you energy.

People. Teamwork is important, and being a leader is to find a group of people who have a common goal to work together.

Confidence. You need to believe in what you have done and what you need to do. Confident people leave a very good first impression.

And that there's a different between fame and success. Success is personal. It is about setting your own goals and standards and fulfilling them. Hence it is more important.

Enlightening. Just like last year's event, it makes me very motivated to finish my Uni years on an absolute high.

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