Sunday, August 31, 2008


And so it was our nation's 51th year of independence. Well, if you are an East Malaysian like me, I prefer to call that just nearly the 45th year of the formation of Malaysia that we are celebrating.

The notable event happening today was the Fiesta Malaysia celebration at Federation Square right in the heart of the city.

And being a Malaysian, of course I went there to join in the fun. There was a lot of pretty good performance today, including this east Malaysian dance.


Then some Baba Nyonya belted out classic like Rasa Sayang and Burung Kakak Tua.


And of course, there will always be the Silat performance.


There was a lot of people milling around enjoying the show. Too bad it was often interrupted by the rain.


There was some traditional games to play too, like this I-forgot-called-what game and also congkak and the jump rope thing and sepak takraw.


But surprisingly for a Malaysian event, THERE WAS NO FOOD! Gosh, how could that be?!? Having a variety of food is what Malaysia is famous for. Wondered what the organising committee was thinking.  Surely someone will be willing to set up some stalls, they will make a killing!

Anyway, I bought along a Malaysian flag and took photos with friends and friends' friends. To spread the love for the country! and coz I think it is so much fun to take photos. The funny thing is, a few other unknowns take photo of us while we are posing with the flag. LOL.







Too bad there's not a lot of people I knew who were there. =( You all should've came and join in the fun!


Anyway Selamat Hari Merdeka!

P/s: Loved the last photo. Thanks Chang Yang! Btw, the more pro looking photos are by Chang Yang. The other either are by my sis or me.

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