Friday, August 29, 2008

New dawn

Glorious sunshine.

After 3 months of cold and chill, the sun showed itself for two straight days!

Yay! Winter is nearly over and it will be spring in 2 days!

It felt so nice to have warm sun rays brushing over my exposed skin. At last there was enough Vitamin D made today. Guess there's what happened if you study too much pharmacy.

Just had to take a stroll down to Melbourne Uni in the afternoon sun. And have some ice cold Bubble Tea. Only the Bubble Tea was not cold.

Or ran at the Carlton Garden amidst the greeneries. Felt the sweat trickling down my spine for the first time in weeks. Gosh, really need to get back to my exercise routine. Loved my pedometer. Really kept me going and going for the extra steps.

Spring always brings so much hope and energy and enthusiasm..

Oo.. and Merdeka is so near.. does it mean a new Malaysia this time? So intriguing.

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