Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pharmacy Ball


Friday night was the night of the Pharmacy Ball. And you know it is the day of the ball when only around 30 people turn out for lectures even though there are some free food offered in Uni during the ball.

This was the first time I am attending a ball here (because it costs $100 per ticket), and figuring out what to wear was a bit of a headache. In the end, decided to spurge $75 for a vest to complement my white $59 shirt (Don't try convert that to RM..).


This is how I ended up looking that night:


The ball was held at The Atrium of Flemington Racecourse. This was our table with our entree of smoked chicken. The entree was the best, the main and dessert only okay-ish. The table settings looked nice though.


Since its Las Vegas themed, can't resist having a game of Black Jack. Won $6000 that nite. Too bad no real money involved =(.


This is the money we used to play all the casino games. The photo is of Louis Roller, the oldest lecturer in Uni who is going to retire end of this year.


Oh, there must be a special mention about the waiter at our table, as he was the most fashionable of them all, and


who served us the biggest, bluest cocktail.


There was a lot of dancing too. But well, not enough alcohol to really get me going. Took a lot of photos that nite, including this one with this guy who just turned as young as me ^^


And of course all the stylish JPA gals. (I tried to look taller).


It  was a memorable nite, especially since we were now all fourth years and nearly reaching the diverging part of the road. Its fun to play dressed up too. At least there are some more memories to cherish. I can now also put a tick next to the box on "been to a a ball in Australia". And I am signing off with a suave pose. Cheers!



Ai Ling said...

when you said you won 6k, i was like...huh?!?!! that's so awesome...and then i read on the next money involved. sigh. haha. u were really lucky that night. think it's the bowtie. you should wear like that to crown! hehe.

u look good that night. tsk tsk. pheet pheet. :)

Anonymous said...

U forget to give credit to the person who suggested you should wear a vest.

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