Sunday, September 07, 2008

About love

I felt that the will for me to write a book had stagnated over the years.

It had always been one of my dreams to publish my own novel.

But I kept procrastinating and shelving the idea.

Can't even consistently write and update my blog even though I have fast Internet connection.

Perhaps the creative juice in me had dried up.

Asked someone recently what should I write in my blog that will make interesting reading.

Something about love, she said.

Hmm I mused. How am I supposed to write about something I had little idea or experience about?

Should I write a love story?

Come to think about it, a lot of novels had at least some romance in them.

Think Harry Potter. Da Vinci Code. Not stories about romance, but still some intonations about love.

Suddenly had an idea. Mills and Boon made their money from publishing stories about females getting swept off their feet by tall dark handsome guys.

But not really on stories of guys trying and succeeding in sweeping girls off their feet. There's nothing on the hard work, the sacrifices, the everything.

All stories I had read are female-centric. Maybe there's a market for male-centric stories?

Perhaps on stories like how a fat guy lose weight in 30 days in order to woo a girl. Or a poor guy working his ass off to increase his social standing. Stories with a touch of inspiration and doesn't make love as easy as it seems?

But love stories are supposed to make people feel good and should not be depressing, right?

What do I know about love?


Just something to think about.


hsiu yinn said...

hey !
wondering whether you might have come across this story by haruki murakami's one of my favourtie little reads. not corny, a bit sad actually not your typical happy-ending but esesentially about love and it's told in a guy's prespective.

Phiaw said...

hi. yeah I did come across this story before. =)