Friday, September 19, 2008

The end is near

It's Friday!

and end of Week 10.

means 2 more weeks to go

before the end of B.Pharm.

its really the end.

no more.

4 years.

long time, yet so short.

Guess it will just be

footprints in the sand.

Nevertheless, it made an impression.

How do I feel?

I don't really know.

Just trying to grasp

whatever morsel of time that's left.

1 comment:

changyang1230 said...

So near indeed! Sometimes being a medicinal student gives me a mixed feeling when it comes to seeing friends graduating one by one and entering the "real world". At one hand there's a sense of exasperation at being stuck in the circle of exams forever, but on the other hand there's always this "safety net" that I could hang to, the feeling that I still have something to walk on, the lack of need to create my own path. Maybe I am just too lazy. :P