Saturday, September 06, 2008

Capturing memories

There's only less than 100 days left before I put a full-stop on my Melbourne experience. 4 years of toil, fun, adventure and self discovery will come to an imminent end.

I started this blog during my first year of stay here to chronicle my overseas experience. Which was a good decision. I guess a lot of things will end up as forgotten memories if I didn't make an effort to keep pieces of it  frozen in time.

People changes. Physically as demonstrated by the pictures below. Mentally too I supposed. Quite nostalgic looking at them.

This pic was taken in 2nd Sem 2005. First year.


Second year my camera broke down =(. Hence no pics.

This was 2nd Sem 2007. Third year.


And this was 2nd Sem 2008. Fourth year.


Everyone looked more matured now... but still can't believe its near the end now, and we have to go on our own roads and pursue our individual dreams after this...

Guess that's life.

Now it is the right time to start reflecting and tie the knots up. From this week onwards, I will try to write up snippets on my University life. Hopefully it will bring back the memories when I read it five, ten years down the track. Hope it will never be forgotten...

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