Saturday, September 27, 2008

Royal Melbourne Show


Went to the Royal Melbourne Show today because my sis said "if you didn't go this time, you may never have the chance to go again".

To think of all the things I did just because I may never get to do it again. I think I can't cover them all even if I used all my toe digits to count.

The Royal Melbourne Show can be thought of as a combo of animal fair, food fair and fun fair.


There were a lot of novel and sometimes funny events.

Highlights include this pig racing competition.


And cow milking.


And sheep shearing.


Kheng Ying was feeling the pain for the sheep.


There were also competitions to judge the best horse, cow, dog.. and alpaca too.


Found this very funny. A competition for making the best butter cake. Dunno how they judged it. They all looked the same to me.


The cake decorating competition was much more exciting. Found this cake to be the most adorable.


Didn't regret going even though the show are mainly for kids and teenagers and animal lovers. The only thing to complain was that it was freakin hot today. I think it was way more than the 27C predicted. Hopefully didn't get sunburnt.

And yay.. having a one week break from today!

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